I never drank coffee growing up, even after reaching the age when it becomes acceptable to drink coffee (whatever age that is). I didn’t drink it when I went to school and I didn’t drink it when I started working after graduation. The exception was that every now and again I might shell out five bucks for a fancy cup of something from the likes of Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. But this was a very rare occurance. It t wasn’t until recently when my in-laws were visiting that I started to drink coffee regularly. Strange how it happened. I knew they liked coffee and the only coffee I ever drank was fancy stuff from the coffee shops, so I went down to the local Caribou Coffee and paid about $8 for half a pound of Mocha Java. I nearly died when she told me it was $12.99/pound and that’s when I settled for half a pound.

I brewed some up that night and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The next morning we brewed it again and then again the next night. Before I knew it I was drinking coffee morning and night and very much enjoying it.

I prefer a good dark roast. I’ve been buying coffee from Trader Joe’s for a while now and I like the Ultra-Dark Sumatra the best. It’s true to its name — very, very dark and full of flavor. I’ve tried Trader Joe’s Yemen Mocha and Mocha Java, both of which are good (Yemen Mocha being better than the Mocha Java) but I think I still prefer the Ultra-Dark Sumatra. It seems to have more flavor and it’s a good bit cheaper, too. With as much as I’m drinking coffee now it’s gotta be exceptionally great to shell out an extra $5/12oz. The crazy thing is I’ll do it just to try something to see if it’s any good. I never, ever would have spent that kind of money on coffee before.

But I sure do like to enjoy a good cup of joe.