Well, it’s been nearly a year, but I’m finally riding the Rails again.  I’ve dusted off my old app that I was working on a year ago and in the past few days I’ve added some features to it.  The main thing I’ve been working on is support for uploading multiple images to a single model, with the ability to dynamically indicate how many you want.  As an added bonus, it also has the ability to crop the images.

After reading what seems like a thousand blogs, reviewing this plugin after that plugin, I found a great post by Mike Fischer.  I tried his sample application, and with a few tweaks, it seems like it will suite my need quite well.  The only problem is, my old app is on Rails 1.2.6 and it has some plugins that are old (and apparently not updated for Rails 2), but Mike’s technique requires Rails 2.

One of the plugins my Rails app uses is paginating_find, and it seems that is no longer maintained at all, as I cannot even access the site anymore.  Since Rails 1.2.6 is old anyway, I’d like to upgrade my app, and will probably use will_paginate instead of paginating_find, though I chose the former due to its performance benefits, and I haven’t yet read about the performance of will_paginate.  If anyone is familiar with that aspect of it, please let me know.