Dean Foods Co. of Dallas is responding to consumers and customers who do not want milk and other dairy products from cloned animals, saying they will not use cloned animals.  Smaller companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Organic Valley have already taken this stand.

There’s some question about whether offspring of cloned animals will be used.  In the AP story, there’s also an interesting admission.

“Cloning companies say the purpose of cloning is not to put many cloned livestock into the food supply. Instead, the goal is to make a genetic copy of a superior animal and then put its offspring into the food supply.”

I certainly understand the desire to have dairy from superior animals, but cloning to me is not the right answer.  Breeding the superior animals and feeding them a proper diet (which doesn’t include bubble-gum in the wrapper and other scraps that are barely edible for a rat) and giving them a pasture to roam is a much better solution.  Of course this requires big pastures and people who actually care about the animals rather than large confinement dairies on relatively small plots of land and people who are more concerned about their paycheck than the welfare of the animals or the humans who’ll be consuming their products.