I did some further reading on the TiVoCommunity.com forum thread I mentioned in my last post and found a post that indicated that the problem (for this fella) was the IDE drive cable.  So I decided to check out the cable installed in the replacement unit TiVo sent me.  It’s a 40-wire cable.  I checked the model number of the HDD (Maxtor 6E040L0, 40G) and then looked up the Quick Specs for this drive on Maxtor’s site which indicate that the drive requires an 80-pin cable.  So I replaced the cable to see what would happen…

Got to the green screen that says

The DVR has detected a serious problem and is now attempting to fix it.

This will take about three hours.


If you have a plasma TV or are concerned about screen burn-in, you should turn off your TV for the next three hours.

If, after three hours, the DVR does not restart, please call Customer Support.

So I guess I’ll let it go and see what happens.  I wanted to get it working tonight, but as it’s already late I’ll let it go overnight and check it tomorrow, Lord willing.